Paint: Conventional Vs Non Toxic

In this article I will certainly be comparing as well as checking out the homes of standard latex paint, Benjamin Moore, versus a “green” paint, Yolo Colorhouse. In all situations these paints are largely used in indoor applications. We will be talking about the parts as well as homes of each kind of paint, and the environmental and also health factors associated with making use of each product.

Standard Latex (Water Based) Paints are composed of:

Pigments: Can be all-natural or synthetic, provide repaint its shade. Some all-natural pigments are: clay, calcium carbonate, mica, silica, and talc. Some synthetic pigments are: crafted molecules, calcined clay, blanc fixe, precipitated calcium carbonate, and synthetic pryrogenic silicas.

Binder/ Lorry/ Materials: It is the real movie forming component of the paint, it is what assists the paint completely dry. It additionally binds the pigments together. Artificial resins include alkyds, acrylics, epoxies, and also polyurethane. It impacts such homes as gloss prospective, exterior longevity, adaptability and also sturdiness.

Solvents: Carries the pigment as well as binder. Low viscosity unstable fluids that make the paint very easy to apply. It manages the circulation and application homes. It influences the stability of the paint when in fluid type. It is volatile as well as does not become part of the paint film. Water is the solvent for latex paints. Oil distillate is the solvent for most oil based paints.

Filler/ Additives: Calcium carbonate and also light weight aluminum silicate are exactly what offer the paint body as well as compound without impacting the residential properties of the paint. Various other types of fillers are: stabilizers, emulsifiers, texturizers, foam reducers, flatteners, and biocides.

Environmental/ Wellness Factors:

The ecological and health and wellness concerns associated with conventional latex paint are relating to VOC’s or Unstable Organic Substances. These are chemicals that exist in a fluid kind, but evaporate right into a gas once the paint has actually been applied. Once they are in a gaseous state, they are very hazardous to human health as well as the health of the setting. The American Lung Association reports that VOC’s could generate a number of physical issues such as: eye as well as skin inflammation, lung as well as breathing issues, headaches, queasiness, muscle weakness and liver and also kidney damage. Once the VOC’s are launched right into the environment they create ground level ozone or smoke, which are greenhouse gases that result in worldwide warming.

New Federal Government Rules:
The golden state Policy 66 restrictions each liter of paint to have no greater than 250 grams of solvent. Paint Producers are allowed to change the solvents with various other solids intrinsic to the basic paint formula. Below are the restrictions for low as well as No VOC’s:

Low VOC: < 50 grams of solvent each L of VOC
No VOC: < 5 grams of solvent per L of VOC

The Environment-friendly Option

Mostly all major paint firms, Benjamin Moore, Kelly Moore, and Sherwin Williams etc. supply a low VOC paint choice. Yet one of the very best No VOC paint business out there is Yolo Colorhouse. Yolo Colorhouse is possibly the best choice because not just do they make No VOC paints, however they additionally stay away from including other hazardous ingredients that are not VOC relevant. Traditional materials need chemical solvents to create a film as the paint dried. YOLO Colorhouse utilizes a brand-new technology that does not call for chemical solvents in the paint developing process. The only solvent that remains in the paint is water. Along with having no VOC’s, Yolo Colorhouse likewise does not have any of the adhering to in their paint either:

No health hazards
No reproductive toxins
No mutagens
No unsafe air toxins
No ozone depleting substances
No formaldehyde
No phthalates
In addition to producing a “environment-friendly” paint choice, they likewise have “eco-friendly” organisation methods also:

Use 100% recycled plastic containers
Use 100% post-consumer waste labels with soy based inks
Usage Bio-diesel and also rail delivery to minimize personified power
Poster-size sampling system minimizes quart could waste
Display screens are made from renewable and recyclable products
Yolo Colorhouse Accreditation:
YOLO Colorhouse paint is Eco-friendly Seal licensed. Green Seal is the most extensive qualification readily available with standards that address the full life cycle of the item.
” Environment-friendly Seal certification, 2008 (GS-11, 2008) is based on VOC content, the lack of 1000+ chemical substances, product packaging demands, efficiency demands, making practices, as well as end of life education. Green Seal accreditation automatically qualifies YOLO Colorhouse ® for LEED points under GS-11, 1993. YOLO Colorhouse was the initial paint firm in the nation to obtain certification under the brand-new GS-11, 2008, a lot more strict criteria and requirements compared to GS-11, 1993.” (Yolo Colorhouse Internet Site, 2011).

To conclude, the state of California has made lots of improvements to the paint market by passing Guideline 66, that makes certain that paints marketed in The golden state are < 250g per L of VOC. The best option for consumers who are very worried with their health and wellness as well as security, and that of the setting, should select a non harmful No VOC paint, such as Yolo Colorhouse. Click here to find out more: Contact Painterly today